Investment Criteria for Your Business

Roland Equity builds businesses for the long-term. We impose our core values at every step. Likewise, we also bring hands-on operational support, visionary leadership, and thoughtful resource allocation with every new company that comes on board with us.

Our investment structure is highly flexible. However, we emphasize that the business should satisfy most of the following criteria:

Financial Criteria

At Roland Equity, the financial criteria include many parameters such as:

  • $10 to $50 million of annual revenues
  • $2 to $5 million of annual cash flows
  • 15%+ operating margin
  • 3+ years of profitability
  • Presence of recurring revenue streams.

Company Selection Criteria

While making an investment with any small or middle market business we make sure that they carry certain financial and operations qualities such as:

  • The owner is seeking liquidity
  • They have relatively high barriers to entry
  • The company has a diverse customer base with high retention rates
  • The company is well positioned in a growing and fragmented industry
  • The company has a history of strong employee relations

When you partner with Roland Equity as your investment consultant, you get holistic financial and operational support for your business.