Welcome To Roland Equity Partners

We are a private investment fund specializing in the selective investment and operation of small and middle market companies.

Operating strategy

Roland Equity’s operating strategy is leverages a unique blend of seasoned Entrepreneurs and operating Executives. Roland Equity’s operating team creates an environment that will enhance the growth trajectory of your business while simultaneously fostering the full potential of each employee.

Operating Philosophy

Our operating philosophy is built on integrity, transparency, and accountability. Post investment we join the daily operations of the company. Inspired by the great Redwood forests of Northern California - The Redwoods can grow in nearly any climate, however, they require a unique environment in order to attain their magnificent size and stature. Our goal is to create a vision that not only permeates the entire organization but will stay with the company in perpetuity. We grow businesses for the long run.

Our Structure

We pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer to owners and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we understand the sensitive and sometimes complex dynamics involved in a liquidity event. We’re flexible and experienced in leading thoughtful growth investments that maximize financial value for existing owners while providing enhanced professional opportunities for employees.

Confidence and Capital

We offer access to more than $100 million in capital. You can be confident that we will maintain clear communication throughout the due diligence process and that we will offer a fair price. We prefer to move quickly and value the benefits that come from a smooth transaction for all parties involved.

Trust and Integrity

Integrity and straight-forward dialogue is key in all our transactions. We believe that an honest and transparent partnership is the cornerstone of sound business dealings. When we conduct diligence on your company, we do so in the most confidential way to minimize the impact on your employees, your customers, and all stakeholders involved in your business.


Roland Equity Partners is a group of skilled investors and operators who understand and enjoy life in the trenches. We are Operator friendly and bring decades of experience growing owner operated, start-up, and family owned businesses. Post-investment our Operators join the day-to-day management responsibilities and assist in the continued growth of your business.

Roland Equity Partners is dedicated to the overall growth and
financial health of your business.