Operating Strategy:

Roland Equity’s operating strategy is inspired by the time-tested success and endurance of the Redwoods. With the unique blend of seasoned entrepreneurs and operating executives, Roland Equity’s operating team creates a unique environment that will continue the growth trajectory of the business while simultaneously fostering the full potential of each employee.

Operating Philosophy:

Our operating philosophy is built on integrity, transparency, and accountability. Post investment we will join in the daily operations of the company. Resembling the inspiration of the Redwoods, our goal is to leave a mark and create a vision that not only permeates the entire organization, but will stay with the company in perpetuity.

The great Redwoods of Northern California will grow in nearly any climate. However, they require a unique environment in order to attain their magnificent size and stature.

John Steinbeck wrote about the redwood, “The redwoods, once seen, leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you always.”